Boondi Ladoo

Hi guys!

How are you all? Hope you all are preparing for the celebration of GANESH CHATURTHI. As in India, Ganesh Chaturthi is on Monday:). It is a Hindu festival celebrated in honour of Ganesha, the son of Great Lord Shiva. This is very auspicious day celebrated to pray to the God so that every new activity that is started is successfully completed without any  obstacles.

We pray to God and offer many sweet dishes,but as you all know ladoo is very much favorite of ganesha. So this time I tried to make ladoos. To be very honest, I am expert in making rava ladoo, flour ladoo, besan ladoo,Til ladoo but I am always very scared of making boondi ladoo:'(because at the first time when I tried to make ladoos ,instead of eating ladoos we ate boondi😤 ,next time we ate boondi burfi instead of ladoos😣 .So my experience was very bad. But this time when I tried to make ladoos ,at last they are in shape of just like ladoo,not so perfect like market one ,but its taste was awesome as my hubby and daughters ate all in one day:mrgreen:.So, I want to share this recipe to all of you.


Besan- 1 cup.                                             Sugar-3/4 cup.                                           Water-1 cup.                                              Cardamoms-2-3 (powdered).             Saffron- 2-3 thread.                                Metallic yellow colour- a pinch of.    Oil- for frying boondi 

    I have not used  the metallic  yellow colour while making these ladoos because I donot like to use chemical colour in my cooking as its not good for health.


Take besan in a bowl and mix water slowly. Its consistency should neither be thick nor thin.You can check it by pouring through a spoon. 

In a seperate vessel take sugar and water and put it on medium flamed burner. Stir well, mix saffron ,cardamom powder and colour(optional). Cook untill you get a one thread consistency.

Now take a kadahi, pour oil in it . When oil becomes hot then take a seive or dry perforated ladle and place it just above the oil.With a spoon add some batter on the perforated spoon ladle. Spread the batter lightly with a spoon. Finish all, in the same way. Add them directly to the sugar syrup. You can also add some cashews .Dip for half an hour or more. 

Then by rubbing ghee on your hand bind all ladoos in a round shape. 

So, atlast all are prepared to offer  Great Lord Ganesha.

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