Tasty Sandwich

Hi, guys!

How are you all? Hope you all are doing well! Today I am going to share a simple,quick,easy but delicious recipe๐Ÿ˜Š, which I am sure you all will  enjoy. So, freinds Its everyone favourite recipe which is not only an easy and yummy but also a special recipe. I usually made sandwiches because Its a quick breakfast . You can also give it to your kids for lunch food .


 Mashed potatoes- one bowl.                Boiled peas- 1/4 of bowl.                      Tomatoes- slices of 2 tomatoes         Cottage cheese- 3-4 tbs.                        Salt- as per taste.                                    Chaat masala- 3tsp.                                Coriander leaves- 3tsp(chopped).       Green chilli-  as per taste.                     Flat bread- 10 slices                              Coriander/mint chutney-4-5 tbs/ tomato sauce    


 Take mashed potatoes, mix all ingredients into it except cottage cheese,tomatoes and peas.    

After mixing the above one, now add peas in it.                                            You can also mix other vegetables which you want to add. Its all about your choice.          

Now take the toaster and brush oil in it. Take one piece of flat bread,   spread mint/coriander  chutney or tomato sauce, now put mashed potatoes, cottage cheese and one piece of tomato slice on both sides of bread. Prepare all one in the same method.

Cover the sandwiches with the other remaining bread and place in a preheated toaster. 

Wow! A very easy to make sandwiches are ready to serve which your kids as well as other one  would surely love  to eat.

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