Galaji Hyderabadi Biryani Review with Recipe


Hi guys,
How are you all ? After such a rainfall now here its so hot as summer is back again😬! Today I am going to review GALAJI HYDERABADI BIRYANI MASALA  ! Ya, I know biryani is everyone’s favourite😅 but making biryani by the traditional method takes a lot of time. Now in this modern age, no one has time to cook biryani by the traditional method . So to solve this problem there is a spice which when you add while making biryani it gives the same flavour and aroma as the traditional one!

Moving on, this spice is Pure,Authentic and Tasty. This product is manufactured by UNNATI FOOD PRODUCTS , VADODARA. You have not to worry about its quality as It has   FssaI mark on it.


Coriander seeds,Spinach Powder,Watermelon seeds,Green Chilli,Cumin seeds,Coriander leaves,Cinnamon,Black pepper,Turmeric,Salt,Spices and Condiments(All in dry powder form) Contains edible oil.


INR 100 For 50gms

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My views- As you all know that Biryani is from the land of nawabs,Hyderabad.There is special flavour and aroma . I have seen making biryani  at home always been cooked on dum.It takes a lot of time and also requires patience:(but  you can prepare it without having any more tasks but get the same flavour ,aromas and taste by adding this spice.The subtle flavour of the garam masala,onion& curd is so infused in the vegetables that each bite of the vegetable had the tastes,flavour and aroma of the masala as well as the unique taste of the veggies.All I can say that each bite of this hyderabadi biryani made by this masala was heavenly taste.This biryani is different in colour as you usually eat.It is green in colour because of spinach powder.So you would get full nutrition if you add different veggies. It becomes a full nutritious meal. It is not the traditional and authentic way of making hyderabadi biryani but its a simple pressure cooker biryani made with different veggies which you all would like to include but tastes same the authentic one not as just like pulao. It saves your time. But It is bit spicy biryani so if you try  to make it for your kids and someone who don’t like to eat more chilli in their meal they should try to put a little amount of this spice, they can also add fresh spinach paste to give it a more green colour.As you would aware of the fact that Biryani requires many Ingredients but if added in sequence then one can never go wrong in making the biryani. So to me this spice goes very well to those also who don’t know cooking very well😜 Try this one and I am sure you will never disappoint. So to me, its a yum yum dish for all !

My ratings- 5/5

Hyderabadi Biryani Recipe-

This is an instant hyderabadi biryani which you can cook in pressure cooker very easily. I would love to share an easy process with my readers to learn and relish this traditional biryani.It is not a traditional and authentic way of making biryani but its a simple and instant way of cooking biryani which has an authentic taste.


Onion- 3 mefium size(optional).        Ginger- a small piece.                            Garlic- 3-4 cloves(optional).   Basmati Rice- 2 cups.                             Curd- 1 cup.                                                Carrot- sliced 1/2 cup.                            French beans-1/2 cup (all cut).            Peas- 1/2 cup.                                           Salt- as per taste.                                      Water- 3 cups.                                          Oil- 4 tbs                                 Method- 

Take rice, wash and soak in 3cups of water for 10 minutes.

Make a paste of ,onion,ginger and garlic.

Now take 2-3tbs galaji hyderabadi biryani masala(as per taste,if you like spicy then you can add more and if you are going to prepare it for your kids please add a less quantity of this spice)  mix it with curd in a bowl and keep aside.

Now take a pressure cooker and put it on a medium flamed burner, pour oil in it.

Put the paste of onion,ginger and garlic and saute for  some time, now put carrot, fresh beans and fry for some time then put peas, rice, curd mixture, salt and mix well.

Pressure cook it, after a whistle slow down the flame and cook for 5 minutes.

Now after just opening the cooker its ready to serve. So simple method ,a full nutritious diet .

I also tried  dry fruit hyderabadi biryani just adding dry fruits,shallow fried small pieces paneer and grated cheese, yummy!

So friends, what are you waiting for, go and try and I’m sure you all would be thankful to  me for sharing such a easy and tasty recipe, Isn’t it🙌!

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