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Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. If you follow me on Instagram you would know that i had received a few samples of GALAJI SPICES πŸ™‚ and to be very honest, after trying it ,all are great. Today i am going to review GALAJI DOUBLE ROTI DABELI MASALA . Confused😇!What is Dabeli Masala? To be very honest, i was also confused till Mr. Chandubhaiji himself told me about it. It really is a magic masala which is typically used in pav bread. It is manufactured by UNNATI FOOD PRODUCTS,VADODARA.  If you are my consistent reader then you all would be aware of the fact that being an Ayurveda lover I always like natural and home made products and this product is pure,authentic and tasty.

This product is pure, authentic and tasty. The speciality of this product is the fact that they don’t use onion and garlic . So I think it’s a great thing for those who are totally pure vegetarian and don’t like to eat onion and garlic.Its a plus point of this product which you don’t find  in others.


Chilli, Coriander seeds,Cumin seeds, Black Pepper, Sugar, Salt,Spices& Condiments in dry powder form , contains edible oil.


INR 80/-  for 100gm

My Views- As I mentioned above, I really like it very much.As spices place a very important role in cooking  and if your spices are not good then all your labour will go to waste.So I always try to use good spices in my dishes and i’m totally impressed with its flavour and  taste as it is  very good and all my family members enjoyed this recipe which I made using Galaji Dabeli  Masala . You can also use it while making aloo paratha or even in dosa filling . If you are in hurry,then you can prepare any dish instantly by only adding this dabeli masala in mashed potatoes. Even if you are going for a picnic or even if you want to give something new in your  child’s tiffen box.   There is no need to add any thing else , just take mashed potatoes and add this yummy magic masala ,you could give your dish a new look and flavour .Now it has  become my mom’s favourite as she doesn’t eat onion and garlic. I also recommended it to all my friends and relatives. So, hats off to it.

Rating- 5/5

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Double Roti Dabeli RECIPE-

Dabeli masala recipe is  a all time favourite recipe if you want to serve it to your guests or feed your kids. So , in my home it’s everyone’s favourite. I also like to make it as without doing any extra labour  everyone would be happy . As I always try to make something new I  also used in while making pav bhaji and believe me its amazing . So I named it MAGIC MASALA.


* Potatoes- 4-5(medium sized)           * Salt- as per taste.                                * Green chutney- 4-5 tbs.                   *  Tomato chutney- 4-5tbs                   * Pav buns- 5 buns                                  * Galaji dabeli masala-4-5tbs


* Take  mashed potatoes  ,add dabeli masala and salt.                            * Cut the pav buns horizontally in halves .Heat non-stick tava over medium flame. Add a tbs butter and place halved buns on it .Shallow fry both sides.                                                  * Now take some mashed potatoes and gave the shape of tikki ,just apply some chutney on your pav buns and put tikki and placed another bun on it.

Now guys, what are you waiting for?? I know some of my friends are very good cook and those who are not just awaken your inner chef and try it now. You all will be amazed by the result. This delicious masala  is just a click away from you.

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