Delicious cookies/Pressure cooker cookies

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are doing well. In India, today is a very big festival,Rakshabandan or Rakhi.It is a hindu festival where brother promises to protect his sister from all evil and in return, sister ties a thread to show they will continue loving their brothers and pray for their well being. I really love this festival . I also missed my brother because i couldn’t go to tie rakhi but also happy at the same time as my younger sister will tie rakhi from my side too. Really , lots of love to my dearest sis and caring bro.

Moving on,have you ever tried cookies in pressure cooker? If not,then what are you waiting for?You just need an idli stand in which you could prepare cookies. You can prepare many cookies in one time. I used vanilla flavour and cardamoms which always give divine results. I really like cardamom flavour and I am sure  you all will like this because this is very easy and delicious cookie recipe which you all will like to  share with your loved ones. 

 Maida- 2 cups                            Butter/oil- 1/2 cup                                Powdered sugar- 1 cup                        Milk or hot water- as required Baking soda- 1/2 tsp                           Cardamoms- 1/2 tsp (powdered)    Vanilla Essence- 1/4 tsp                     Cashewnuts –  semi crushed 3tbs.  Baking powder- 1/4 tsp


* Take a mixing bowl ,put butter/oil, sugar,cardamom,vanilla essence and milk/water .Stir well for atleast 10 minutes.                          * Now put all dry ingredients as maida,baking powder ,baking soda in the mixing bowl and stir well .       * Now preheat pressure cooker over medium flame for 5 minutes after putting some water.                                * Greese the idle stand and now make cookie from  dough and put in the stand.                                                    * Cover the lid without putting whistle on it.                                              * Bake on medium heat for 5 minutes ,lower down the heat to low to medium and cook for 30-35 minutes. After 3 5 minutes insert a    toothpick ,if it comes out clear that means cookies is baked . Allow the cookies to cool down for 10 minutes.     

Hey! sweeties , what’s more ! Just taste it , is it yummy or not?? Please tell me .I am waiting for your feedback.

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