Sweet rice/Kanica

Hello everyone!

 How are you all? Yesterday, we celebrated varalaxmi puja. This puja is celebrated on Friday before the full moon day , in the month of saravan. We celebrate this puja for prosperity and well being of family. In this puja we prepared many dishes to offer Goddess Laxmi. This time I prepared about 18 dishes as –

* Puri , Sattu kachori, Pua, Gulgula, Mixed vegetable, Baigan (egg plant) bhaja, Pataol bhaza, Aaloo(patato)bhaja,Jimikand vegetable,Suji halwa,Payas,Firni,Dahi rice, Chana guguni,Sweet rice,Besan ladoo, Flour ladoo .  

   But today I would like to share sweet rice with you. It is very tasty ,easy ,quick and delicious and I am sure you all will like it .  


  1.   * Rice- 2 cups.                                 * Moong dal- 1/4 cup.                   * Sugar- 1/2 cup.                             * Cinnamon- two small         pieces  and 1tsp powder                 * Green Cardamom -4-5pcs       * Black  Cardamom- 1-2.             *  Cloves- 4 or 5.                             *  Salt- a pinch of.                         * Bay leaves- 1-2.                           * Cashewnuts- 8-10 pcs.             * Raisins/kishmish-10-12pcs   * Grated coconut-  4-5 tsp.         * Ghee- 3-4 tbs                               * Turmeric- half tsp


    * Wash and soak both moong dal and rice.                                                      * Put pressure cooker on a medium flamed burner , pour ghee ,bayleaves,cloves(you can crush or powdered) cinnamon, cardamoms (you can also crushed it or can make powder) and turmeric.                            *  Now pour soaked dal and rice ,salt,sugar ,cashewnuts,raisins and grated coconut.                                         *  Now pour four cups of water and pressure cook it for five minutes.                 Now  just open the cooker and serve it. It has a unique flavour and taste.

      Hope you will enjoy this tasty , quick and easy recipe.

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