Delicious Chhole Bhature

Hello everyone!

How are you all? Here its raining like cats and dogs! And if in this rainy day anyone prepares chhole bhature for you then what’s more:)! It is generally a north Indian dish but everyone loves to eat. Because its so yummy and i am damn sure that if you would prepare it then all  will like it. Its a full meal. I had  earlier  told you about chhole recipe you can see it from there, link is                             

FOR BHATURE RECIPE–                            INGREDIENTS

   *Maida-3 cups                                          *Suji or semolina-4-5 tbs.      

   * Yogurt- 1/2 cup                                      * Baking powder-1/2 tsp                        * Baking soda- a pinch of.                    * Salt-1 tsp.                                                * Sugar- 2 tsp.                                          * Oil- 2tbs and for frying


  *Take maida with baking powder and baking soda.                                         * Add suji, sugar, salt and 2tbs oil in it.                                                                * Now mix them well and add water as required, kneed the dough.   * Covered the dough with wet napkin and keep aside for 2 hours.     * Now heat oil in a kadai and just        take a small dough and roll out in a circular shape. All will be prepared in the same manner.                                 * Now deep fry all bhuturas. They all will be fried one by one till light brown in colour. 

Now what are you waiting for!  They are ready to serve. Enjoy this easy and delicious chhole bhuture with your loved ones 😄!

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  1. Cradle of Joy says:

    Ha! Ha! I really only want to give joy to everyone who would like to sit on this cradle. Jokes apart when i am searching name for my WordPress blog then it rejects every name which i thought for my blog, this one is suggested by my daughter.😆


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