Dabur Honey: Review 

Hello everyone,  today i am going to review Dabur Honey. This is my first review on my blog ,hope you all will like this. As honey is not a simple sugar as i have earlier mentioned in my previous article it is rich in minerals and nutrients. Honey has its antibacterial, antioxident and antibacterial properties. I have seen this honey in my home since my childhood. So i am very much well aware of its merits and demerit.

What the product claims-

It is a trusted brand with relability.It is in its purest form. Best selling honey and also been ranked no. 1 in quality &purity by consumer voice which is well known Govt. Recognized testing organization. 


Quality and price-

INR 500gm 199

My views-  Truely speaking Dabur honey has never disappointed me.  One time i also bought honey from different brand but i was not satisfied with that one. I have been using this since from my childhood and now also prefer to give it to  my children also. It comes in a glass bottle which has a lid. Some people are dissatisfied for its packaging. But being a believer in ayuerveda i am fully in favour of glass packaging because some products remains good in glass covering. Now along with 500gm of Dabur honey a plastic bottle is free. But i prefer to keep it in glass bottle. 

P. S. – This is not a sponsored post and all views are mine. 

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6 thoughts on “Dabur Honey: Review 

  1. Laurie says:

    If you are able to obtain local honey and have a teaspoon a day in tea or with toast, it can be used to help fend off allergies. It really does help 😉 Great topic!

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