Simple tips to keep you fit

Hello everyone, today i am sharing some important tips, which i think everyone should follow and adopt in their daily routine life to keep themselves fit and healthy. It’s rightly said that PRECAUTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. So we should take care of some important points . I think you all should know these tips.  So here, they are-


1.  We should keep ourselves in tune with change in season, exercise schedule and following a well planned diet.
2. Your knee problem can never be cured by any doctor if you drink water while standing. Always drink water in a sitting position.
3. Always try to eat fresh homemade food and fresh fruits but in limited quantities. For your proper digestion and a sound sleep ,food should be taken at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.


4. Oil massage should be a part of your daily routine.
5. Instead of taking soft drinks you should take coconut water and coconut milk as it is sweet,easy digestible, improves hunger and cleanse the urinary bladder.


6. Everyone should try to opt vegetarian diet as it gives more nourishment to the body than non-vegetarian foods.
7. Try to start your day by taking Luke warm lemon water as it helps to wash out toxins from the body.


8. A glass of hot water is more effective in giving relief in pain than a painkiller.
9. Yoga and exercise should be a part of your daily routine life.
10. Drinking buttermilk is excellent as it is easily digestible, enlargement of abdomen,loss of appetite and anemia.
11. Always try to include ginger and garlic in your diet in any form .
   So hope you all will like these tips 😄 and try to implement in your daily routine. Stay fit and healthy.
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21 thoughts on “Simple tips to keep you fit

  1. thoughtsnlifeblog says:

    Hey Great Post, I agree with it all. hot water is amazing. I never knew about drinking water whilst standing – new one for me. What an excellent post and big thank you for sharing. Really enjoyed this. Will tweet this – if you dont mind. Regards Bella


  2. freebutfun says:

    Two water related questions: why do you recommend rather to drink while sitting than standing? And do you really think drinking hot water eg helps with a headache? Or when you’ve broken your leg? I’m curious ☺


    • Cradle of Joy says:

      In general when we keep regular drinking of water while in standing position then after a certain time you will suffer from acute knee pain its also proved in medical science and for your second question one glass of hot water will not certainly give you relief when you have broken legs but in general pain as also in headache you will get some relief. Taking medicine regularly specially pain killer is not good for anyone


      • freebutfun says:

        Really, knee pain?! Never heard that one before. Odd!
        But yes, unnecessary pain killers to be avoided but can’t help but think maybe the water releases head ache which is caused by dehydration☺

        Liked by 1 person

  3. milliethom says:

    Some interesting and useful tips. Like others above, I’d never heard the advice about drinking water while sitting rather than standing. I have very painful knees at times (and age thing with me) so I’ll have to try it out. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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