My First Award

Hello everyone, first of all i want to thanks Pujjya who nominated me for Liebster award. Its my first award and i am very excited😄. Pujjya is an awesome blogger and please visit her site. Link is-


The Rules of Liebster Award-
– Post 11 facts about yourself.
– Answer 11 questions from your
– Nominate 11 other blogs with under 200 followers and ask them 11 questions(let them know you nominated them. )
11 Facts About Me-
1.  I love to read books. I don’t like  to read on internet but only like to read books.
2.  My two daughters are my whole world. I can do anything for them.
3.  Cooking is my hobby. I always try to make something new from usual recipes.
4. My  dream is to go on world tour😜.
5. I can’t hurt anyone intentionally. 6.  I love to hear old Hindi song.
7. I don’t like pets but i have to bear them because my husband and daughters like pets very much(its a other matter that pets becomes as close to me as my kids😄.) At present we have a guinea pig which is veeery cute.
8.  I want to do something new in 
9. I am a spiritual person who believes in the presence of God.
10. I like to see sunrise every morning silently.
11. Its a my weak point that sometimes i cannot speak while i know that the person is wrong. (I think its a tragedy of every married woman😜)
  Ohh! Its very difficult to say something about myself. 
Answering those 11 questions from the person who nominated me –
1.  Is life short or long?
• For optimistic people life is short and for pessimistic people its long.
2. Why do you think the colour pink is thought to be girly?
• As pink colour resembles loving,kind ,generous and sensitive to the needs of other, these qualities match to girls 😜. (Ya, i know there are some exceptions also. )
3. Which is better mountain or sea?
• l love sea.
4. Who is your favourite person?
• My younger sister who always inspires me to do something for myself and my brother who always supports me in every situations.
5. If asked to sing a song what will
     It be?
• I am a very bad singer but i like to sing old Hindi song Na Jao Saiyan Chhuda Ke Baiyan -from Sahib Bibi Aur Gulam.
6. Do you believe in ghosts?? If so then
•  After seeing some horror movie,i becomes so much afraid that everyone seems like a ghost to me 😫😫.
7. What is your favourite drink?
•  Lemonade.
8. Who do you think to be a better contestant for USA? Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.
• Donald Trump
9. How far you can go for your love?
•  To the end of universe.
10. What is your favourite blog post till date and why?
• Choco Vanilla Mango Delight because my daughters love it very much.
11. Why did you start blogging?
•  To express myself and to do something new.
  My 11 questions –
• What is the nicest thing anybody
   has said about you?
• What are your three weaknesses?
• Which is more logical to follow –                                              your heart or your mind??
• Are you over smart?
• What is the most annoying    thing that has happened to you?
• Do you believe in God?
• While in a school,did you ever
  cheat on a test??
•  Where in the world would you choose to live if you have option?
•  What’s your goal?
•  Biggest regret in your life?
•  One thing which you want to do
    in your life?
    I am going to nominate 5
    bloggers. They are-
  1.  anglesbookblog
  2.  Himanshu Kumar
  3.  Fairykumar
  4.  buffalotompeabody
  5.  Robinbeeblog
     So,hope you enjoy it. I have also made my face book page link is-
Cradle of joy

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