Choco vanilla mango delight

Hello everyone,
Everyone knows that mango is the king of fruits. I wait for  summer only and only for mangoes 😄,as i love mangoes very much. During the summer mangoes are in abundance and a chilled mango delight with chocolate flavour and vanilla ice cream will make it yummy 😍 . It is a great drink for kids as my daughters love chocolate and ice-cream very much so i included it in simple mango shake to add a new taste and trust me this new drink will become your kids favourite if you try it.


•  Sliced mango pieces- 1 cup
•  Milk- 1 cup
•  Sugar- 2 tbsp
•  Full cream milk- 2 tbsp
• Cocoa powder- 2 tsp
• Crushed sugar- 2 tsp
• Vanilla ice-cream – 1 small cup
  Method of preparation –
•  First of all take mango slices,milk and sugar. Put them in blender and mix it well.
•  Now take full cream milk,crushed sugar and cocoa powder in a bowl , mix it well.
•  Pour chocolate mixture in your glass as its shown in picture and put glasses in freezer for at least 15-20 minutes.
•  Now when you take it out from freezer, pour mango and remaining chocolate mixture and vanilla ice cream.
  A great drink is ready to serve.



P. S. –
• Instead of cocoa powder you can take chocolate syrup.
•  Any flavour of ice-cream can be taken.
     Hope you all will like it .

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