Amazing tips to cure seasonal diseases

Hello everyone, hope you all are fit and fine😄.Today, i will share my own experience which i recently faced when my elder daughter
got cough and cold and not responding to any medicines which i gave to her. Its my weak point that my whole world revolves around my two daughters and i cann’t  see them in pain. There was a moment when i was very depressed  & then suddenly i remembered the old remedy which i had totally forgotten. When i applied it on my daughter which she totally disagreed to, but i forcefully applied it on her then the magic happened. She was totally fit and fine the very next morning. So, do you want to know the name of that magical remedy? It is none other than KEROSENE OIL:oops::oops:.


   Don’t be afraid. If you have fever, cough and cold then just rub this on your feet for atleast 5-10 minutes. If you rub it at night before going to bed then you will notice when you wake up you will be perfectly fine. There is no need to take antibiotics because it acts just like crocin medicine. When i get fever i just rub this oil under my feet and it works really well.
   If you have sore throat then you can rub it on your neck and if you have chest congestion then it can be rub on your chest.
    Friends, i am not in favour of taking antibiotics for such seasonal diseases, when anyone can cure by just doing simple remedies, then what’s the use of taking medicines.
Prevention of chickenpox and measles
It is rightly said that PRECAUTION IS BETTER THAN CURE .Anyone can save themselves from chickenpox and measles if they take precauctionery homeopathic
medicine. You can take it in the month of January and August. The name of these medicines are
DOSE-  Adult dose is 5 drops each in 1/2 cup of water daily for three days.
• Children of age group 5-12 can take 3 drops each in 1/2 cup of water in a day for three days.
• Children of age group between 1-5 can take 2 drops each in 1/4 cup of  water in a day for three days.
• Children of age group between 6 months to one year can take 1drop each in one tablespoon of water for three days.
P. S. –
•  Please take care when you apply kerosene oil.You should keep yourself away from fire.
•  Rubbing oil before going to bed gives better result.
•  Chickenpox and measles  medicines can be taken in any month but because measles and chickenpox generally occurs in March and September so if anyone take medicines before this, it gives better result.
     So, i hope you all will like my post 😄. I will be back soon with my new article till then ,stay fit and healthy.

13 thoughts on “Amazing tips to cure seasonal diseases

  1. laurelwolfelives says:

    My granny used to rub Kerosene on her chest when she had some congestion. We would put fatback on bee stings and soot on a cut. I used to walk around all the time with black scars. Cigarette smoke was used for earaches.
    When you think about it….we had no antibiotics…and we survived. People run for antibiotics for EVERYTHING. I always try to tell them that after a while, your body becomes resistant to them…and then what’s going to happen when you REALLY need them?

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