Instant nutty crunchy delight

Hello everyone,
It is very hot nowadays. So normally people crave for cold things. Ice cream comes to the rescue. So, I’m sharing a very easy recipe and believe me , its very yummy😄. You can make it in just a  few minutes if you have vanilla ice cream at  your home. Let’s start-


1. Crushed biscuits-2 or 3
2.  Fruit jam- 1 tbsp
3.  Vanilla ice cream -1 cup
4.  Strawberry Syrup- 1 tbsp
5.  Crushed nuts- 1 tbsp

Method for preparation –

1. Take one glass and put crushed biscuits first.
2. Pour fruit jam on the biscuits to cover it.
3. Put vanilla ice cream and pour strawberry syrup.
4. Just sprinkles some nuts on the top.
  Now its ready to serve. It not only looks yummy but it also tastes good:D, believe me your kids and loved ones would surely like this crunchy ice cream.
P. S. –
1. Instead of vanilla ice cream you can use any other flavour.
2. You can use chocolate syrup instead of strawberry syrup. This mini chocolate syrup pouch is sufficient for 4-5 glasses.



3. If your glass is big then you can repeat the procedure.
     Hope you all will enjoy this one.

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