Hello everyone,i am back with my new article .This one is a recipe of special halwa which i want to share with you.I am very excited because its my first article on food .Hope you will enjoy it. Halwa is mainly a north Indian recipe.It is generally made on every religious occassions. As it is very easy and a less time consuming recipe so anyone can make it anytime. There are various types of halwa but caramalized halwa is a special one which  tastes  better and looks nice than any other type of halwa . It does not require any extra work but it tastes better than any other type of halwa. We make it with semolina just like other type of halwa but the difference is we make it with caramalized sugar.







1. Semolina or suji-   1  cup
2. Sugar- 1 cup
3. Ghee- 1/2 cup
4. Milk- 2 cups
5. Cashew nuts –  8-10 pcs
6. Raisins- 8-10 pcs
7. Cardamom- 5-6 pcs
                                        PROCEDURE FOR PREPARING HALWA

Pour the ghee and sugar both in a nonstick  kadahi on a medium flame.Stir well, when sugar becomes dark brown then put semolina or suji with milk in kadahi. If the milk is less then you can mix water. Cut cashewnuts and then pour it with raisinsin kadahi. Then put cardamoms which are finely grinded in mortar-pestal and husks discarded. Stir continuously and take care of its consistensy.When the  colour becomes dark brown,turn off the flame.Pour into the serving bowl and now it is ready to eat.






23 thoughts on “CARAMALIZED HALWA

  1. J LeClair says:

    Great post! Do you have any recommendations for where to buy ghee? Or do you make your own? I would love to see a recipe for that! Maybe I can incorporate it into my own Japanese-inspired cooking. Jessy


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