Hello friends,its my second food article on my blog.I am very excited because i want to share my recipes with you and hope you all like it. Chhole is totally a north Indian dish and is very good in taste.In every North Indian  home it places a special role whether there is any special day,function,marriage or any get-together.



1.   Chhole or chickpeas- 2 cups
2. Tomato-1 cup
3. Onion- 4-5
4. Ginger and garlic paste- 1 tbsp 5. Green chilli-1-2(as per taste)
6. Chana masala- 2 tb. spoon
7. Hing or Asafoetida- a pinch
8. Bay leaves-1-2
9. Tea leaves- 1 tb. spoon
10. Cardamom- 2-3
11. Cinnamon powder-1/2 tsp.
12. Oil or ghee-3 tb. spoon
13. Salt- As per taste
Method for preparation –
1. First soak chhole for atleast 12 hours and then tie tea leaves in a muslin cloth and pressure cook chhole for 30-35 minutes.
2. Now take onion and cut into small pieces and make a fine paste in mixer grinder.
3. Put kadahi on gas burner, turn on the flame. Pour oil or ghee, put bay leaves, hing ,onion,ginger-garlic and tomato paste,stir well.
4. Add chana masala,green chilli,salt and stir well untill oil or ghee seprates.
5. Put boiled chhole in the kadahi and boil it for atleast 15 minutes. Add cardamom and cinnamon powder.
6. Pour it into serving bowl. Now it is ready to serve.


P. S. –
1. Chilli powder is also included in chana masala. So be careful while adding extra chilli. Otherwise everyone’s face will be like this😫.
2. You can use tomato ketchup instead of tomatoes. It will also increase the flavour of dish.
Hope you all will like this receipe:D.

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