Hello friends, now i am back with my new article .I am dedicating my article to those mothers who want to boost their child’s immunity .Children’s fall ill often when they have low immunity .We can cure our kids from any diseases  permanently only when we increase their immunity level.



Sick Child





1.FLAX SEEDFlax seed or Alsee/Teesi (In Hindi) is a very good source of omega 3 fatty acids .W.H.O(World Health Organisation) declared it is a super star food .It is a  lifeline.It contains -Omega 3 fatty acids;Alfa linolenik acid ;Lignen;Protein & Fibre.                                            Flax Seed is a miraculous source of omega 3 which is not present in any other diet .You can take it after roasting it and making a fine powder and take one teaspoon twice a day.



3.SaffronGive your child  saffron mixed milk it acts as a energy and immunity booster.

4-White sesame seeds-White sesame seeds have high iron content than the black ones .These seeds are extremely beneficial for health and they include the ability to prevent many diseases.We can take white sesame seeds in powdered form also.You can mix one teaspoon of sesame powder in milk.                                                                                                                            WHITE SESAME

My Favourite recipe to boost immunity:-

1.Methi-50 gm

2.Dried Ginger-50 gm

3.Turmeric-50 gm

4.Black Pepper-50 gm

5.Ashwagandha powder-50 gm.

Make a fine powder .Take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon daily.

6.  Harad/Terminalia chebula-Harad has a sufficient amount of vitamin B complex .It is a beneficial in a number of diseases like Asthma;constipation;piles;and sinus allergis .Triphala cures all the three vitalated doshas like vata ;pitta;and kapha.

You should give it regularly to child & see the result in just few days.

(pictures taken from google)

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