Hello friends, today I’m sharing with you the solutions of the most common health problem in our home. Yes,you are right,it is none other than ACIDITY.It is also called heart-burn.

In our blood there is 20% acid and 80% alkali,and when the proportion of acid increases,then we suffer from acidity.People suffering from acidity feel a burning sensation after having meals.We should try to make our body alkali.It is aggravated when the patient suffers from constipation.


1. Burning sensation in the chest.


3.Pain in upper part of the abdomen.

4.Vomiting tendency.

5.Patient may suffer from nausea,giddiness and headache.






1.AMLA POWDER-Amla powder is very much effective for curing acidity.Adults can take one teaspoon twice a day.

2.CARROT JUICE-Carrot juice is a rich source of vitamin A.It corrects acidosis very effectively so anyone can take one or two cups of carrot juice daily.It is also helpful in correcting eyesight.


3.Black Pepper-Black Pepper should be mixed with rock salt in equal quantity and should be taken one teaspoon daily.It cures acidity.

4.Lemon-It is a myth  that lemon is acidic so people do not take it in acidity.Lemon cures acidity.You can take lemon water two to three times in a day.It is a good remedy.


5.Cow’s Milk-Cow’s milk is considered to be exceedingly useful for the treatment of this condition.The patient should preferably be kept exclusively on milk diet(added with sugar).



6.Cloves-Cloves or laung are aromatic.It is commonly used for the spice and medicinal purposes.Chewing cloves just after taking meal cures acidity.

7.JaggeryJaggery or gur(in hindi)is very effective in curing acidity.Everyone should take a small piece of jaggery just after meal.


1. Barley      2. Wheat     3. Rice     4. Soup of moong dal and parched rice     5. Cucumber

6.Bittergourd     7.Bananas     8.Banana’s flower     9. Pomegranate     10.Coconut water

11.Coriander    12.Patola








Prohibited Food

Sesame seed, Bhindi, Masa kulatha, Gram, Pungent and sour things,Curd ,Alcholic drinks,Tea or coffee.


1.Patient should not expose himself /herself to hard mental or physical work.

2.Should not take oily or junk food.

3.Try to make your body alkalic by taking alkaline food.

(Photos taken from google)

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